Issue 04

Mar, 2022

The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies and Doha Institute for Graduate Studies has published the 4th issue (Spring 2022) of Hikama, the biannual peer-reviewed Public Administration and Public Policy journal. The Studies section features four papers: “Language Policy and National Identity in Morocco and Algeria,” by Abdellatif El Moutadayene; “Public Administration Reform and the Challenges of Rebuilding the State in Yemen,” by Ahmed Amaweri; “Residency and Naturalization Policies in the Maghreb Countries” by Said Machak; and “The Independence of the Judiciary in Algeria: The Position of the Judiciary in the 2020 Constitutional Amendment,” by Kamal Djalab. The featured Reports & Policy Papers include “Resorting to the International Court of Justice to Hold the Syrian Government Accountable for Violating Its Obligations Under the United Nations Convention Against Torture,” by Ghuna Bdiwi; Tarek Abdelal’s report about “The Impact of Legislation on the Independence of the Judiciary in Egypt”; and a translated background paper titled, “Intelligence services: roles and responsibilities in good security sector governance,” published bythe  Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance. This issue’s translation is “The Consequences of Public Policy for Democratic Citizenship: Bridging Policy Studies and Mass Politics,” by Suzanne Mettler and Joe Soss. Finally, the issue ends with reviews of the Middle East Law and Governance’s special issue on “MENA Confronting the Pandemic: State and Non-state Responses from Comparative Perspectives,” by Mohammed Hemchi; and “Merahrah Bread”: The Political Economy of Food Sovereignty in Egypt by Abdo Moussa. 

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