Issue 05

Nov, 2022

The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies and the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies have published the 5th issue (Autumn 2022) of Hikama, the biannual peer-reviewed public administration and public policy journal. This special issue on "Human Rights Policies in Arab Countries" includes the following articles: "The Arab Charter on Human Rights and International Standards: The Role of the Charter Committee," by Moataz El Fegiery; "Women's Rights in the Palestinian Authority's Human Rights Agenda," by Ayah Randall; "Palestinian Nationality and Citizenship Rights in the Arab Mashreq with a Focus on Lebanon," by Jaber Suleiman; "The Dialectic of Disclosure and Concealment: The Strained Digital Relations between Political Regimes and Activists in the Middle East," by Sherif Abdul Rahman Seif El-Nasr; and "The Right to Education and Egypt's Prison Policies since 2013," by Saif Alislam Eid. The issue also includes a study on "Policies without Sovereignty: The Electricity Sector in the Occupied Palestinian Territories," by Ibrahim Sameeh Rabaia.

The featured reports and policy papers include "EU Gas Market Transformations of 2022 and Policy Options for Low-Carbon Energy Trade Between the EU and Qatar," by Laurent A. Lambert, Ismail Abdalla, Jad Tayah, and Abdalftah Ali, and "Energy Justice and Social Justice: Rethinking Electricity Subsidy Policy in Sudan," by Ahmed Yousif. This issue's translated paper is "Administration and State in the post Covid-19 context: Towards a new type of bond?" by Josep Pont Vidal, Translated by Mohamed Ahmed Bennis.

Finally, the issue ends with reviews of The Organization of Islamic Cooperation and Human Rights by Hadeel Hunaiti; The Mutual Relationship Between Energy Transition and Democratic Transition: Energy Transition in Tunisia by Mohamed A. Razak Hussein; and Social Policy in Iran: Main Components and Institutions by Hamideh Dorzadeh. 

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