Issue 03

Sep, 2021

The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies and Doha Institute for Graduate Studies has published the 3rd issue (September 2021) of Hikama, the biannual peer-reviewed Public Administration and Public Policy journal. The Studies section features five papers: “Fifty Years of Water Resource Management Policies in Tunisia: From Supply Management to Territorial Equity,” by Abdelkarim Daoud; “The Moroccan State between Centralization and Regionalism” by Mohamed Ahmed Bennis; “Public-Private Partnerships in the GCC: Reality and Challenges,” by Tamer Karmout, Huzaifa Al Ezzo, Hussein Handule, Saleh Al Ghazal and Yasmin Bashir; “The "State" Return to the Southern Syria: State and Non-State Actors Interaction,” by Munqeth Othman Agha; and “Designing Health Policy to Fight the Corona virus in Egypt and Turkey,” by Ahmed Mohsen.

The featured Reports & Policy Papers include “Institutional Challenges of Economic Reforms: Tunisia during Democratic Transition,” by Nizar Jouini and Taoufik Rajhi; and Abdulfatah Mohamed’s report on the conference held by the Centre for Conflict and Humanitarian Studies on “Research-Practice Nexus in Qatar's Humanitarian Eco-system”. This issue’s Translated Paper is “An Agenda for the Study of Public Administration in Developing Countries,” by Anthony Michael Bertelli, Mai Hassan, Dan Honig, Daniel Rogger and Martin Jefferson Williams. Finally, the issue ends with reviews of The Oxford Handbook of the Quality of Government by Andreas Bågenholm, Monika Bauhr and Bo Rothstein and Transparency International’s report “Corruption Perceptions Index 2020.”

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