Issue 06

May, 2023

The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies and the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies have published the sixth issue (Spring 2023) of Hikama, the biannual peer-reviewed public administration and public policy journal. This special issue on "Judicial Independence Policies in Arab Countries" includes the following three articles: "Judicial Independence in the Arab World: Judicial Review Institutions and High Juridical Councils," by Mahmoud Hamad; "Judiciable Independence in Morocco: Constitutional Guarantees, Current Practice, and Prospects," by Ahmed Moufid; and "Independence of the Judiciary in Jordan: Texts, Policies and Challenges," by Khaled H. Shnikat. It also contains one policy paper, namely "Iraq's Judiciary: Problems of Unrestricted Independence;" by Firas Mekkiya. In addition to the judiciary papers, there are two other articles in the issue: "Government Size and Economic Growth: The Impact of the Arab Spring;" by Mohamad Gaber Elsayed; and "The Egyptian Zakat and Charity House: The Social Role of Al-Azhar between Community Service & State Support;" by Mohamed Gamal Ali.

The issue presents a translation of "Regimes and the Rule of Law: Judicial Independence in Comparative Perspective" by Gretchen Helmke and Frances Rosenbluth (translated by Thaer Deeb). Finally, the issue contains two reviews: "Judges and Democratization: Judicial Independence in New Democracies", by Hala Abdelgawad, and "Government AI Readiness Index 2022" by Abdou Moussa El-Bermawy. 

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